Hello February (Rumors of My Extinction Have Been Greatly Exaggerated)

Well, I’m back.

And, not surprisingly, it’s been a while.

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I seem to remember having grand intentions for blogging last month – a regular posting schedule, set writing times each week, the whole nine yards. Most impressive. But pride comes before a fall, and grand plans come before being buried under an avalanche of interruption.

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In this case, the interruption has irresistibly kissable cheeks, an adorable grin, and no apparent need for sleep. 😉 It turns out that when you’re learning to crawl, you need to put all your energy into staying awake to practice. You may not take breaks. Constant vigilance! ;D I love Charlie so much, and I remind myself that a day will come when I will miss these sleepy 2am snuggles, but for now… sleep deprivation and I are pretty close. Not just casual acquaintances. We are definitely bosom buddies.

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All that to say, if this post is rambling and odd (I mean, more than usual…), and seems to have far, far too many Lord of the Rings references, let’s just chalk it up to that. 😉 Thankfully, it seems that this crazy sleep strike may be coming to an end, so this month I will endeavor to emerge from my sleep-deprived seclusion and actually do a little blogging.

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And that’s all for now. 🙂

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