2017 AD : The Dawn of the T-Rex Housewife

It’s January 1st as I type this post, and for the last few days Will and I have been writing goals for 2017 with giddy abandon. When the kids are tucked peacefully in bed and you’re curled up on the couch with a glass of sparkling cider, planning the next year feels so exciting, and so effortless! Yes, in the past few months I’ve often spent the day sleep-deprived and drowning in a sea of unfolded laundry, wondering how to cook dinner while comforting two crying babies, but this is a new year! In 2017 my life will definitely (magically) be more organized, calm, and amazing. I’ll wake (perfectly refreshed) at 4:30 am every morning. I’ll do yoga at least 4 times a week. I’ll read 2 books every month. Meals will be planned. Chores will be checked off promptly from a perfectly-organized chore chart. Songbirds and small forest animals will help me make the beds each morning as I dance out of our room to begin the day (I aim high).

This is all terribly interesting, Erin, you might say (in a polite “moving on…” sort of tone), and I’m happy for you and your delusions – I mean goals – but what does this have to do with dinosaurs? And what on earth do dinosaurs have to do with housekeeping? And how could you possibly think keeping a t-rex at home would be a good idea?

All very good questions. The fact is, dinosaurs, for the most part, have nothing to do with housekeeping, and letting a t-rex take up residence in your home is almost always a terrible idea. However, in my world, dinosaurs have everything to do with goals, housekeeping, and life in general.

As fun as it is to write goals and dream about the new year, after a few weeks pass (or days… or hours…) it’s easy to fall behind on them, get overwhelmed, and give up. I mean, I want to get up early to exercise, but when my 6-month-old son inevitably wakes up for a little quality time at 3am, I’d rather crawl back into bed when my alarm goes off an hour later. I’d like to eat less sugar, but I also really like cookies. Sometimes the sunrises are little too sleep-deprived, and the coffee is cold, and the cute little people you love are making chaos, and you need to vacuum, and your list of goals looks ridiculous and you think perhaps what you really need is a very long holiday, Gandalf (or at least a long, hot, uninterrupted shower).

My husband Will affectionately calls me Little T-rex when I am getting in a manic “EVERYTHING-IS-A-MESS, MUST-DO-ALL-THE-THINGS” mood, metaphorically roaring and rampaging and flailing my tiny arms ineffectively about like a pint-sized tyrannosaurus. I think the whole joke started when we stumbled across this internet meme:

Cracks me up every time. And even better, as I laugh at myself I’m able to step back for a moment, take a deep breath, and realize the world isn’t ending even if there are duplos, plastic food, and onesies over every square inch of the carpet at the present moment. After a good laugh and a moment to put things into perspective, it’s much easier to break down the tasks ahead into manageable bites. (Pun absolutely intended. Puns are my one weakness. And quotes. One of my one weaknesses).

T-rex Home Ec is perhaps not the most orthodox method of tackling the domestic arts, but it’s my way of letting go of perfection and embracing life with a greater sense of humor (mess, joy, laundry, love, and all!). I hope this blog helps you as you work on your own goals and resolutions this year – particularly if you, like me, are learning how to transform a small, cluttered apartment into a cozy, welcoming home, or how to joyfully thrive on a 15-hour day with busy, adorable toddlers (instead of just surviving it… with tears…), or how to live an abundant life on a very small budget. I’m definitely no Martha Stewart (though I unabashedly adore her), but as I crash through my domestic pursuits with the chaotic wake of a 9-ton dinosaur, I hope this blog brings you a little laughter, encouragement, and aid as you chomp into your own tasks a bite at a time.

You may feel like you have inadequate funds, time, or skills to achieve them, but that’s what T-Rex Homemaking is all about – to joyfully and enthusiastically live large with less.

Here’s to a new beginning. 🙂


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